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Rosemary Besenick and one of her dogs

Welcome to My Web Site

My name is Rosemary Besenick, the owner and principal trainer for the The Dog Training Co., L.L.C. I trained my first dog in 1961.

After I finished raising my family 20 years ago, I found that I enjoyed providing instruction to pet owners needing to train their dogs.

In 1997, I took a great leap and started my own business. During the inception of my business, I continued to be involved in agility, competition obedience, flyball, herding and hunting. I was also given the opportunity to be involved for 12 years with a local service dog organization. For three of those years I held the position of program director.

My goal has always been to make it easier for disabled and non-disabled owners to train their dog in a friendly, positive manner. Methods that I had used previously were physically difficult and primarily negative. When I found the benefits of clicker training in 1993, it became my method of training.

One of my greatest triumphs and challenges was helping develop the first Arizona dog training program for prison inmates as training director for Second Chance Prison Canine Program (Link is from The Arizona Daily Star, 2004, by A.E. Araiza & Staff). The program teaches inmates to train service dogs for disabled people. It was also featured on Discovery Channel Animal Planet, Cell Dogs Program.

During my extensive career, my goals have stayed consistent and I do my best to offer my clients and their dogs the latest knowledge in dog training and canine behavior.

I believe that with good training, you and your pet will develop better communication and will make living together much easier and definitely more fun!

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Member #261 Association of Pet Dog Trainers Member #261